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Welcome to the Maldives: white sand and crystal-clear water 

Each of us dreams about living a dreamy holiday in the white sand and crystal-clear water. The heaven of the Maldives is ready to welcome you with white sand, coconut palms over the sea and uncontaminated coral reefs. With BeBlue you will have the opportunity to live directly this marvellous archipelago, discovering the corners far from tourist routes, finding yourself alone sometimes immersed in nature and silence, surrounded by luxuriant vegetation. These Atolls are the ideal destination for the ones in search of relax and wellness, getting in touch with the marine landscape.  

Maldive will amaze you for the uncontaminated beauty, the relaxing rhythms and the good manners of local inhabitants… an unforgettable holiday is waiting for you, Maldives won’t disappoint you!

In the light-blue heart of the Indian Ocean, the 1200 islands that compose the Maldive archipelago are a rare heavenly oasis, where luxuriant flora and various fauna will welcome you to be by your side during this unique and unforgettable experience. In the past, 25 atolls had a fundamental role for the commercial routes. During the last years, Maldive and its governments have opened the door to tourism, building modern structures in order to be suitable to everyone’s desires, always protecting the natural heritage. Between the main activities there will be for sure relax and snorkelling: coral reefs, various colourful fishes and other fauna living in the sea such as the turtles. Another valid reason to visit this archipelago is the traditional fish gastronomy, that will give you the opportunity to taste delicious fish dishes. This trip for sure will stay in your heart!  


The Ari Atolls includes totally 80 islands, in which 18 are inhabited; the full territory is divided in north and south. The water that surrounds this atoll is famous for the big variety of marine flora and fauna, for example the whale shark. This is the place where you will find the main diving centres, in protected areas like the one of Orimas Thila, or towards the Halaveli Wreck. Thoddoo is a little island where it is possible to visit the ancient ruins of a Buddhist temple. Moofushi is the best spot for snorkelling: coral reef, a big variety of colourful fishes and crystal-clear water will give you a unique experience of snorkelling. The Ari South Atolli is well-known for the scuba diving, thanks in particular to the numerous corals on the sea bottom; Ranveli island is destination surrounded by luxuriant vegetation, also this is a perfect spot for snorkelling lovers.

If you love adventure and snorkelling, we have to suggest you a little stop in the Vaauvu atoll: the geophysical conformation has created some coves all-round the Coral Reef, ideal habitat for the marine fauna. In particular, in the Fulidhoo island it is possible to venture guided by some expert staff to the discovery of the marvellous and unforgettable sea bottoms. In the Alimathaa House Reef you will have the opportunity to swim side by side with nurse sharks and mantas, a breath-taking experience. In relation to the Ari Atolls, the one in Vaavu has been less exposed to tourism, depicting a peaceful oasis for nature lovers. Exotic colourful flowers, palms all around the sand moved only by the soft wind, everything surrounded by crystal clear water, the sound of the sea is the only rumour that you will hear: this are the ingredients for the Rasdhoo Atoll, a magic place where nature is more luxuriant than the other islets in the Indian Ocean.

Relax and nature

Dhigurah is a little inhabited centre far from the tourism chaos, the best destination for the one who want to spend their holiday in a peaceful islet. The local inhabitants are friendly and there are 3 kilometres of white sand waiting for you, crystal-clear water where to have a swim, walking along the islet during the sunset or venturing in the palms’ woods. Rihiveli is a half desert heaven where to relax yourself in the white beach, far from crowded touristic places and immersed in the luxuriant and uncontaminated nature.

In Guhli the loneliness and the silence are the main characters, giving you the opportunity to stop in some desert islets, the sand banks, just for you. The Gulhi island is inhabited only by Muslim fishermen, far from touristic resorts; you will get in touch with the local welcoming people, for sure they guide you along the beauty of the place. Unpaved streets, little bars and shops are a dive into the past, forgetting the chaos of the everyday life.  

Suggested boats

Leopard 384 Sun Kissed

Leopard 384 - Sun Kissed

Male, Hulhumale
14 Dec - 21 Dec 2019
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Leopard 384 White Sand

Leopard 384 - White Sand

Male, Hulhumale
24 Aug - 31 Aug 2019
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Suggested route

Hulhumale Lagoon
Base principale


Maldives are a tropical region in the Indian Ocean, well-known destination for the beaches, the blue lagoons and the coral reefs.




Ari Atolls, Maafushi island, Hulhumalé, Kuramathi, Vaadhoo, Velassaru, Huraa


Maldives are characterised by a tropycal weather, always sunny during the year and influenced by the moonsons. The temperatures are always around 30°C and 25°C.


It is possible to reach the Maldives by plane flying to Malé International Airport (MLE).

Suggested itinerary

Day 1 - Check-in:

Dati mappa
Dati mappa ©2017 Google
Dati mappaDati mappa ©2017 Google
Dati mappa ©2017 Google
500 m 

Once arrived in the Malé airport, before the embark around 4 pm, you will bring to the Hulhule Island Hotel, where it is possible to have access to the resort’s swimming pool (towels given in loco) and have a welcoming cocktail, before the transfer to the Catamaran. The Hulhule island is located in 20 minutes by ferry to the Malè airport and it is the main entrance for our sailing cruise at the discover of magical Maldive’s archipelagos. Lunch will be aboard and at 4 pm we leave the mooring to set sail towards Eyboodhoo Lagoon, in the southern Mahè atoll: here it is possible to practise snorkelling, swimming with mantas between the colourful corals and the crystal-clear water.


Day 2


After breakfast we leave the mooring and set sail for an hour to reach the earthly paradise of Sand Bank, a magical white sand bank. You have free time to explore the crystal-clear water and relax in the white beach. We lift the sails and have lunch during the 4 hours navigations, towards the South Channel in the Ari Atoll, dropping the anchor near Bodukashihura, an uninhabited island surrounded by the coral reef, full of tropical fishes. We spend here the night, so you have time for snorkelling, kayak excursions and swims before dinner.


Day 3


From Bodukashihura after breakfast we set sail to a nice one-hour navigation till Meerufenfushi, one of the most beautiful Maldives’ islands, a jewel surrounded by a little lagoon and a natural sandbank. Here you will join a little relax under the palms. During the lunch, the catamaran brings you towards Dhigghiri, a private island where to have a walk and admire the colourful birds, swimming in the crystal-clear waters and exploring with the kayak, before a buffet dinner on the beach under a starry night.


Day 4


After a morning dive, we proceed with a short navigation of half an hour towards the Alikoi Rah sandbank, a real uncontaminated heaven full of coral reefs and colourful fishes, where to have snorkelling and sea watching. During the lunch, we set sail for two hours to finally drop the anchor in the private waters of Raiy Dhiggaa, perfect spot for swimming and snorkelling, having a walk around the white sand and relax under the palms in front of the sea.


Day 5


We leave the mooring to set sail towards a white sand islet near Ranveli: after an hour and half, we stop for a dive to discover the wonderful coral reef, inhabited by hundreds colourful fishes and if you want, there will be the opportunity of some snorkelling in the Dive Centre near the Resort. In the afternoon, after a short navigation, we arrive in the Dhaghetti island, characterised by picturesque buildings and artisans’ shops. Overnight stay aboard.


Day 6

Morning spent on a relaxing sailing towards the southern area of the Malè atoll, where we drop the anchor in a sandbank, having the opportunity to swim with the mantas, snorkelling or just relax on the beach. After a one-hour navigation, we arrive in the magical Guraidhoo’s hamlet full of souvenirs shops. Dinner aboard under a marvellous Maldivian starry night.


Day 7


We weigh anchor during the sunrise for a sailing day towards south. During the relaxing navigation, we reach Maadhoo Finolhu island, where it is possible to relax on the beach and swim side by side with mantas before having a buffet lunch on the white sand. In the afternoon, we set sail back to Hulhumale island, dinner and the last overnight stay aboard.  

Disembark on the following morning around 8 am.


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Leopard 384 Sun Kissed
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Leopard 384 Sun Kissed

Male, Hulhumale
14 Dec - 21 Dec 2019